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(REQUEST) Nose-e :iconkittycomvideogames:KittyComVideoGames 9 2 A W O R L D O F C O L O R. :iconkittycomvideogames:KittyComVideoGames 26 3 Ruining my Planner :iconkittycomvideogames:KittyComVideoGames 8 1 Egg Sans //bio// :iconkittycomvideogames:KittyComVideoGames 8 0 The Flicker Of a Violet Flame :iconkittycomvideogames:KittyComVideoGames 17 1 //tongue warning// UnderFell Pap :iconkittycomvideogames:KittyComVideoGames 27 0 That Un-Lucky Bastard :iconkittycomvideogames:KittyComVideoGames 39 0 [Fem/Human] SwapFell Paps :iconkittycomvideogames:KittyComVideoGames 7 0 [Fem/Human] SwapFell Sans :iconkittycomvideogames:KittyComVideoGames 4 2 Stable, Maven, or Mestable :iconkittycomvideogames:KittyComVideoGames 5 0 //Spinal// Stapis :iconkittycomvideogames:KittyComVideoGames 7 0 //DEPRESSING WARNING// Neglect and Support :iconkittycomvideogames:KittyComVideoGames 6 0 Trying to get back into mlp :iconkittycomvideogames:KittyComVideoGames 6 0 Eggy Sans :iconkittycomvideogames:KittyComVideoGames 11 0 I ship it hard...iminsomchpainrn... :iconkittycomvideogames:KittyComVideoGames 9 0 *Wheezes* ship is float'en[Re-Draw] :iconkittycomvideogames:KittyComVideoGames 8 8


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(REQUEST) Nose-e
Hah hah hah puns *f"""ing why?* anyways here it is :p finally posted them Hollic so here ya go hope you enjoy :) (I actually found it cute)
I've never drawn this Pap before and was a little curious soooooooo here it is!

Filename by KittyComVideoGames
Oml....I'm sick and coughed so much from laughing and how scary this looks. Will you do this challenge? Make sure to tag it.

(00:27.96 time)

Filename by KittyComVideoGames
And on to the Berry now. Yayyyyyyy*tired as shit* "currently 12:49am"

Filename by KittyComVideoGames
(Way earlier this mornings doodle) It's late, I can't sleep due to coughing and the runs, so why not draw his non-existent skeletal ass tonight. -__-"

Filename by KittyComVideoGames
A W O R L D O F C O L O R.
Ok so I want to say I few? Days ago? When I had almost forgotten about this old art set I had I wanted to draw ink in a colored word with him not being part of it apparently. So Ink is in a world of color and wants to explore it I guess??? I honestly don't know. I just thought this might be an interesting thing to look at. Anyways hope you like it, although this was delayed because I have a cold and needed to sleep(slept for two hours.) I'm happy how pretty this turned out and hope you enjoy.
Ruining my Planner
I get bored in school, let's face it who doesn't? So I decided to draw my anime boy Sataru-san, Bill Cipher, and an old Anime Eye practice.
My Version of Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt, With Multiple Au Characters

Panty: Lust Sans
Stocking: Reaper
Scanty: Fell Sans
Knee Socks: Swapfell Sans
Brief: (UT)Frisk
Garterbelt: (UT)Asgore
Chuck: (UT)Temmie
Fastener: (UT)Flowey
Egg Sans //bio//
[I honestly love the fact that he's a kawaii chickadee, but his designs may be a little too feminine for a boy]
Name: Egg/Eggy Sans
Nicknames: Eggy, chickadee, and Shelly
Species: Skeleton
Gender: Male
Age: 16-17yrs old
Height: 4'0.5
Pronouns: He, Him, His, and sometimes mistaken as they
Crush: ???
Personality Trait: Outgoing
His Likes: Ketchup, Egg Related Foods, Sweets, Cheese, Doodling, Being Silly, Puns, Birds, Rice, Asian Food, Sour, Bread, and Custard.
His Dislikes: Spicy, Mice, Bees, Shoes with Laces, Being Bored, and Going to sleep
Day Created: 3/6/17
Creator: KittyComVideoGames
Items:A Bird book, A Skillet, and a Loaf of Bread.
Companion:A Hen named Peggy
Attacks/Abilities:Egg Flip*flips a green egg that heals or a white that does damage*, Egg throw*breaks eggs and scattered egg shells do damage*, Bone Attack, Blue Attack, Slapping, Teleportation, and Telekinesis
(Diary Like Story)

I'm Eggy Sans! I guess I'm writing about how I got here, I think I remember this human called Core Frisk right? They were so nice, and They said there were others there to! That got me pretty Egg-cited. Heh heh, anyways. I got to meet so so so many Sanses and Papyruses! They're all so cool! And Peggy got to meet them too! I think Core Frisk calls this place The Void, it's kinda empty but so many other monsters come here, so me and Peggy get to make more friends! The Multiverse is awesome!!! Everyone here is not too bad, and me and Peggy aren't the only ones anymore! But, I think ever since I learned to teleport, I've seen those places where the other Sanses and Papses are, I've seen some pretty Egg-strodinary things. But I mostly stay in the void. I was walking around and when I met them, then they took me here, and I'm glad about it too! I can't wait to go play somemore!!!
The Flicker Of a Violet Flame
Ok one day I looked up sweaters, and found a backless one on Google images. So I thought it would look nice if I tried it on Toriel, because I don't draw her enough and she's one of my favorite characters from Undertale. So I actually tried lighting for once so I'm proud how that turned out. I've seen my improvements in drawing and is very glad this drawing came out beautifully. Tori looks wonderful in that backless sweater(even tho she is a little thick) and she's pulling it off very well. I honestly love this look for goat momma and hope you like the pic.
(Image in Cruz


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Ok so I'm a girl who just can't help but draw Sin and trashiness but, I just find it away to help me not get bored. I hate artblocks, I loves food, and drawing of course, and just like drawing random fandom related shit. I do draw my own stuff but I hardly color any in, due to laziness or just cheap paper will rip right through it. I am a geeky girl , and very random but that's what I like most about myself. I guess I like anime, I don't watch it constantly, but I love some of the styles! I can't draw with a drawing tablet due to me not having a computer or a system format in general, but I'm more comfortable with traditional art anyways. Alrighty, I think that's it for my BIO.


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